About AlcoholScreening.org

AlcoholScreening.org, formerly run through the Join Together News Service, a project of the Boston University School of Public Health,
is a free service of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. AlcoholScreening.org helps individuals assess their own alcohol consumption patterns to determine if their drinking is likely to be harming their health or increasing their risk for future harm. Through education and referral, the site urges those whose drinking is harmful or hazardous to take positive action, and informs all adults who consume alcohol about guidelines and caveats for lower-risk drinking.

Since the launch of AlcoholScreening.org in April 2001, more than one million people have completed the screening questionnaire and received scientifically-based feedback on their drinking patterns.

Alcohol abuse and dependence are major public health problems, resulting in 100,000 deaths per year in the United States and costing the healthcare system billions of dollars annually. Excessive alcohol use is a major cause of disease, injuries, violent crime, lost productivity at work and school as well as family and social problems.

Although moderate alcohol consumption is safe for most people and may even have health benefits for certain individuals, many people do not know what low-risk drinking is, nor do they know the circumstances in which drinking no alcohol is the safest choice. In addition, many people don't realize they have an alcohol problem, or are at risk for one, because no one asks them about their drinking patterns. Scientific research has shown that screening and brief intervention (SBI) can be very effective in prompting people whose alcohol consumption is risky or harmful to cut back on their drinking or seek treatment.

Research to date on Internet-based SBI points to significant potential to effectively reach many more individuals than can be physically screened in health-care and other offline encounters. While no online health screening and information tool can take the place of individual advice from a qualified health professional, Join Together believes that online screening will play an increasingly important role in increasing public and personal awareness about alcohol consumption and health.

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