For Researchers is a free service of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids. The site helps individuals assess their own alcohol consumption patterns to determine if their drinking is likely to be harming their health or increasing their risk for future harm. Through education and referral, urges those whose drinking is harmful or hazardous to take positive action, and informs all adults who consume alcohol about guidelines and caveats for lower-risk drinking.

The assessment questionnaire used on this website is based on the NIAAA one question screen and looks at both weekly and per-occasion consumption as well as maximum consumption in a single occasion over the past month. When appropriate, the site then takes the user for an automated brief intervention and gives the users printable tools they can use to help change their drinking patterns. was developed with clinical consultation from medical faculty at Boston University School of Medicine.

All responses to self-assessment screening test and brief intervention are anonymous and confidential (see our privacy policy). All research we do on usage data is in aggregate form.

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