Questions to Ask Treatment Providers

In order to find the best treatment program for you or your loved one, call a few different centers in your area with a list of questions. Most facilities will be open to talking with you in person or by phone (without charge) to describe their treatment programs.

Some recommended questions:

  • Please describe your treatment program. (If they offer an unconventional therapy, request published medical references supporting their treatment methods.)
  • What strategies do you use to target problem behaviors?
  • What are your therapists' qualifications? (Certified or licensed professionals? How many years of experience do they have?)
  • How often are the treatment sessions? (i.e. daily, once a week, etc.) And how long is each session?
  • Do you provide behavioral therapy such as individual and/or group counseling?
  • Do you offer services or referrals to family members of addicts?
  • Do you recommend detoxification before treatment begins (in a hospital or detox unit)? If so, under what circumstances?
  • Do you assess an individual's treatment over time in order to ensure it meets their needs?
  • Is your staff trained to deal with mental health issues and other medical problems (including infectious diseases) as well as addiction?
  • Does your program offer medication as part of its treatment regimen? If so, under what circumstances are medications prescribed?
  • Is long-term support provided? Does it include monitoring for possible relapse?